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Do You NEED Long Lily lines to offer stunning designs?

YES!! after many many weeks sitting in airports the latest order has finally arrived to restock many of Bethanne Nemesh – White Arbor Quliting stunning rulers. All backorders of The French Connection & Long Lily Lines rulers have now been sent to their excited recipients.

Long Lily Lines features two extra large graceful “double S” French curves, fine measurement gradations along all edges, a laser etched 1/4″ echo line and pinhole alignment at the centre of each circular head. You are limited only by your imagination in creating beautiful curving frames, radiating curving foundation quilting, or perfect rulered spines, with precision curls for feathers.

Long Lily Lines

The French Connection


Having all four French curve rulers means all your precision curve issues are solved!  Lily 1 and 2 are the originals, featuring 7 gentle curves with precision alignment lines.  Lily 1 is the ideal double curve for larger border quilting, easily creating feather curl spines for borders bigger than 6″ wide.  Lily 2 is a star with two reversing S curves to create single feather loops attached to graceful lotus petal curved lines.  Lily 3 joins the party with three full S curve sides topped with three different diameter “puff heads”, to help with the perfect repeatable curving curls.  Long Lily is the answer to “what now?” in the outer reaches of big blocks like mandala designs and the longer swooping curves we enjoy in borders.

Bethanne has continued to be supremely generous with her time and knowledge by providing many more videos showing how she gets the most out of both designing and stitching with all her rulers. If you are on Facebook make sure you are following her & tune in to her live Facebook demonstrations to see why you NEED these too!

Unfortunately we did sell out of her Yarn Couching DVD within days of the first order – so more are still travelling (albeit slowly) to have for you hopefully soon. I have it set so that you can purchase and get your hands on one of the next shipment on the website now. Already have some backordered – so if you need one soon get in quick!

Yarn Couching

Learn to expressively use yarn in your free motion machine quilting, create intermediate life-like appliqué style designs, and graduate to pictorial yarn couching, applying your designs to quilts, Home decor, accessories and clothing. Learn to layer, shade, and contour your yarn couching, transforming your own photography into fiber art masterpieces. Two class projects are fully demonstrated on both a home sewing machine and a longarm machine, making this 3 hour, 17 minute class perfect for all sewers.

Of course, since Bethanne published all her books, we have been stocking them here in Australia for you. They will never date and hold some uniquely different inspiration designs and techniques within the covers. I only hold minimal stock of these now as so many have purchased and utilised them over the years. But if you have NOT got these in your library yet then maybe consider them soon?

 Sampler Quilt Smackdown Quilted Textures from A to Zen Nemeshing - A Freehand Feather Flourish Fast and the fancy
Devil in the Details All the Devilish Details DVD Devilish companion kit

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for LIVE book reviews on Monday afternoons at 2pm. Like the page & get notifications when I’m going live with anything! We can spend some time flipping through the pages and discussing the value of contents so that you can be confident you are getting something new for your own library. With no face to face shows where you can check out the inside of books, this is the next best thing I can do for you! Facebook LIVE book reviews

REQUEST which books you would like reviewed! Let me know & I can make it happen for you.

I look forward to chatting on Facebook with you each Monday!

Happy quilting…


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