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9 cool tools to have in your sewing room!

Its all that screwdriver

I absolutely LOVE cool tools in my sewing room and continually get sidetracked with new ones that hopefully make my life easier and brighter and happier! How many cool tools do you have??? Recently I’ve been accumulating more for you to also consider using. You don’t need all of them that’s for sure, but pick those that will actually make your life a little easier. Here is a selection of recent new additions to the shop.

First up is an absolute MUST-HAVE tool. This is so you can put your husband’s tools back in his toolbox and have one of your own that is just like us – a multitasking tool! This easy grip, stubby screwdriver has 7 different tips you can swap between. Perfect to use to change your sewing needles, adjust the bobbin case tension screw, remove the philips head screws on your throat plates, remove tiny philips head screws on screens etc. Something for every component that requires a flat or philips head tip in multiple sizes. They come in blue, black, green, red & yellow. Put your preference of colour in the notes in the shopping cart – but no guarantees that you will get it as these are so popular that they are going fast.
Its all that screwdriver

It’s all that Screwdriver

Do you NEED your own screwdriver that has multiple tips to keep in your toolbox?

We now have these quick change screwdrivers in stock.

Non slip grip handle.

6 in 1 flat and Phillips screwdriver.

Easy to carry and store.

Assorted colours.

Only $14-   Buy Now 

Next is the Towa Bobbin Case Tension Guage. For many years before I knew this even existed to ease tension frustrations – I simply used the drop test in my hand to determine my bobbin tension. This worked great for most of the time, but until I tried this I realised that I was not really testing the bobbin case when it is inserted into the hook assembly of my machine. When you have overwound your bobbin slightly, it can still run nicely if you do the drop test in your hand, but once it is inserted in your machine the width of the bobbin that you wound will create extra resistance and tighten considerably the tension when stitching. Using the Towa guage also determines if the bobbin is out of round & will result in the needle bouncing and not running smoothly and we all know that inconsistent tension is a horrible thing to deal with!

Towa Bobbin Case tension gauge

Towa Bobbin Case Tension Gauge

Allows you to consistently set accurate bobbin tension.

Comes in two sizes:

TM-1 – for “L” size bobbin cases

TM-3 – for “M” size bobbin cases

The TOWA bobbin tension gauge puts a numerical value to the amount of tension placed on a bobbin. This is very helpful as it allows you to quantify the amount of tension placed on a bobbin thread, so you have a benchmark to base bobbin tension. To measure the tension of your bobbin, place your bobbin inside the bobbin case with the thread unwinding the correct way, then insert into the TOWA gauge. Pull your bobbin thread and guide it underneath the bottom wheel, over the top of the top wheel and then inside the catch. As you pull the thread to the side, you will see the top wheel move down while the numbers increase. The higher the number, the tighter the tension. To loosen the tension, turn the screw in small increments counter-clockwise. Think, lefty-loosy righty- tighty. We recommend making small adjustments when tightening or loosening the tension screw. Think of the screw as a face of a clock, when adjusting, adjust in 15 minute increments.  You can watch videos on tension tips here & another article here

Price: $140.00 Buy Now

Mega Magic Bobbin Genies

Mega Genie Magic Bobbin Washers

Special size for LONG-ARM MACHINES M BOBBIN CASES. EASY TO USE! Just drop A MEGA GENIE MAGIC BOBBIN WASHER into your bobbin case, replace the bobbin, and you’re good to go! Eliminates the backlash and bird’s nests on the underside of the quilt when changing directions at high speed. SAVES TIME! Less stopping and starting. Package of 12. Tough and long-lasting.

Buy now   $19.50  (RRP $24)

There are so many ways to store our bobbins for the L size or domestic sewing machines, but sometimes it is harder to find solutions to neatly store your larger M Size bobbins. This next – new to the shop – bobbin box can store BOTH sizes of bobbins. It is clear so you can easily see what you have and keep them all neat and tidy. Limited supplies at this time so don’t miss out!

Large bobbin box

Large Bobbin Box

We finally have a storage bobbin box sized to hold standard and Class M bobbins. It is translucent clear, acid free polypropylene to easily view contents.

Price: $16.75  Buy now

For many years I have been using this Clover Stack’n’Store Bobbin tower. They do fit my M size bobbins, but not so easily if they are fully wound though. I’m thinking I’m going to swap over to the bobbin box soon as I actually have more bobbins wound that will fit in the bobbin tower as well. Will see how many I can fit in the box! the little clamps that hold the bobbins in this however, are just like the bobbin buddies that I’m showing you soon. They hold the ends of the threads so I don’t get into a hot mess of thread tangled up.

Stack n Store Bobbin Tower

Stack ‘n’ Store Bobbin Tower by Clover

Do you have a drawer filled with loose bobbins? – what a mess!

Now you can have all your bobbins neatly organised next to your sewing machine. This handy bobbin tower will hold any size/type of bobbin and it will also secure thread ends – no more tangles!

You can see thread colours at a glance and it is so convenient and compact. I’ve easily fitted all my large M bobbins on this for my longarm machine.

Price: $30.15     Buy now

This bobbinsaver is perfect to have on my longarm table with the most used bobbins. It does not hold as many as the bobbin tower or bobbin box, but pretty handy and bright! As I stated earlier, you don’t NEED all of these cool tools, but having some of them sure makes life easier!


Bobbin Saver Green for M Bobbins

Stop messy M bobbins! Get organized with the new Class M BobbinSaver! Designed to fit M bobbins and any others measuring about one inch in diameter. Never lose track of your M bobbin again!

**Bobbins not included. Currently available in Lime Green only.

Price: $21.50  Buy Now

Now the reason these little gadgets appealed to me is when I have multiple weight threads in the same colours. I like to be able to keep the same weight thread bobbins with their ‘mothership’ so that when I need to wind more of that bobbin I know which one I have used. At times it can be difficult to know whether I’ve used a 40wt or 50wt thread in that bobbin ughhh. These cute little bobbin clips can keep these together and they look so good!

bobbin clip

Bobbin Clip wire sewing notion to organise your bobbins with your spools of thread.


Made of quality plastic, lightweight and hard to break, can serve you for a long time.

Great for most thread spools and bobbins, helping you keep a bobbin with the thread spool.

These bobbin holders are easily to match with the thread spool, with bright various colours to meeting your needs when using.

Work well in organizing bobbins and keeping the bobbin with relevant spool together, a nice accessory for a quilter to have.

Price: $15.00  Buy Now

Next up is the bobbin buddies! These are like the bobbin tower and clamp the ends of the bobbins so they don’t unravel in a drawer and make a total mess! Take note however, they are really not suitable for M size bobbins, more L size or domestic sewing machine bobbins. Really cute and useful for all my bobbins I have wound for my Bernina 1260, 215, 930 and various others oops (now I’m embarrased on how many machines I now have!)

Bobbin buddies

Sewing Thread Bobbin Holder Clamp Clips

Bobbin Buddies

Great For Embroidery

Simple but super functional thread holders will add organization and fun to your sewing room.

Comes in happy bright colors, green, deep pink, aquamarine and purple to brighten up your life with some color therapy.

Just slip one over a bobbin, and it won’t unwind even if you drop it.

Easy to use and the thread stays put. Reusable design that allows you to use these over and again for years.


1x 80pc Sewing Thread Bobbin Holder Clamp Clips Bobbin Buddies

Price: $25.00   Buy Now

The last cool tool for today is this packet of Wonderclips. There are so many uses for these. Holding your binding for hand stitching. use in place of pins, holding thick seams where pins are hard to push through, holding EPP pieces, grouping pieces together and more…



Its not very often you discover a product that is going to change the way you sew and quilt with greater ease.  These Wonder Clips will do just that for you. These are a little sewing miracle that make so many jobs just that little bit easier.  I use these all the time, especially in bag making with the thick layers, but also for quilting and binding too.  Any time I don’t want to use a pin or I need an extra pair of hands to hold something, out come my Wonder Clips

Have you tried to use clips and clamps in sewing? It can be like having an extra hand. When you’ve begun folding layers of fabric along an edge, you want a way to just hold it there so you can continue to work your way down the fold. It’s difficult to pin through more than a couple layers, because either the pin bends or the layers ripple. In addition I get sick of constantly suffering pin pricks as I went.

We are delighted to introduce you to our Range of WONDER CLIPS in seven mixed colours in a Bulk pack of 50 and just waiting to help you out with your future projects. Size 2.7cm Long

Price: $14.30   Buy Now 

So I hope you had fun thinking about the cool tools you have in your sewing studio and just maybe have found some more that you really need to help you in some way. Share with me in the comments any of your own ‘cool tools’ so we can all be inspired to be both organised and creative, whilst keeping things looking pretty at the same time.

Until next time

Happy quilting


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