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Negative quilting space & how to use it…

Quilting negative space

Today we are seeing a much bigger focus on the quilting designs on modern quilts. What appears stunning and intricate can be broken down into simple shapes and textures placed strategically in negative spaces to bring a quilt alive. While traditional quilting patterns often rely on symmetry and a fair amount of repetition between quilting […]

Unlock the power of stunning quilted textures!

Texture quilting

Unlock the power of stunning quilted textures! Try your hand at free-motion quilting, organic and geometric textures. With step-by-step lessons to sew on your sewing machine or longarm quilting machine. The following books will provide you with so much inspiration and choice to further your repertoire of designs on your own and customer quilts. Step-by-step […]

Quilting with rulers! Ideas, how to & more…

Quilting with rulers

Do you love the look of geometric quilting? You can achieve this & so much more using rulers on either your frame machine or your stationary machine.     Do you like what you see? Here’s something NEW for you that’ll surely help you achieve geometric designs: Visual Guide to Creative Straight-Line Quilting Create impressive […]

Love to hand embroider? Inspirational, easy designs for you..

Hand embroidery

Hey everyone! Sending my hellos and how-are-yous’ all the way from Texas! My week here has been very exciting so far. Helen and I are absolutely delighted to be meeting quilters from this side of the globe;  seeing old friends here at the Festival has been great as well. Don’t worry, it won’t be all […]

Do you have slippery rulers?

Do you ever get frustrated when you use rulers whilst cutting fabrics or when machine quilting? I’m sure everyone will relate – dealing with slippery rulers is such a nightmare! Sure, there are ways to “make it work” like standing up while cutting, putting just the right amount of pressure on the ruler and adjusting […]

Road trip! Special delivery happening…

We are off delivering a brand new A1 Platinum machine to an excited customer. Her dream of having a longarm is finally coming to fruition. 7 1/2hr driving means that we will be away from the shop until next weekend. All orders will be filled in order of receipt and posted next Monday. However, I […]

Introducing the precision Arbor Lines 12 ruler

Arbor Lines 12

Exciting parcels keep arriving!! Just received the new Arbor Lines 12 ruler from Bethanne with another coming soon as well. Every quilt studio needs a few good quality arcs.  Arbor Lines 12 is a high precision arc with 1/8″ inscribed glowing lines on compressed light emitting 1/4″ acrylic. Both edges stitch out a 12″ diameter […]

How To Create The Perfect Quilt Using Rulers – No Frills on Sale!

No Frills quilting rulers

 Hello from our very spoilt farm cat Milly! She assumes her rightful position on the recliner chair & is very relaxed MOST of the time.   These past few weeks have been quite hectic for me, but of course, I always make time for what I enjoy most – quilting, of course! Yes, I’ve […]

Unique Heart Quilts Made Easy with Heart Templates!

My, my, how time flies! Can you believe it? We’re more than halfway through the year! Anyway, just a quick update about me, I have been busy this winter with a lot of cooking (for family gatherings) and finally, working on some customer quilts. I was in Adelaide last Friday, 5th of July for the Festival […]

How To Create Stunning Quilts With Circle Templates

No Frills™ Circle Templates on sale now! Before anything else, I and my ‘Belle’ (Border Collie doorbell) want to wish my fellow mothers a (belated) Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a lovely and meaningful weekend with your family and loved ones. “A mother is like a quilt — each one is beautiful […]

The Best Way To Say Goodbye To Tension Nightmares

Tension issues? My, my, haven’t we all cursed because of it! Just imagine you sitting in front of your machine, probably humming while working on that pretty quilt, when all of a sudden, you have to stop because of looping on the underside of your beautiful fabric. Ugh! What a nightmare! Now, how about thread […]

Lotus Lines Applique Aid is in Oz

I’m thrilled to be able to supply Bethanne’s latest ruler – Lotus Lines Applique Aid –  to Aussie & Kiwi quilters (& anyone else if the exchange rates & postage makes it viable) The Garden Lines collection just didn’t seem complete.  Bethanne does a lot of appliqué quilting and wanted a one stop shop kind […]

How to finish your quilt with a WOW factor!

All the Devilish Details DVD

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd? Spend some time and effort on creating a stunning masterpiece using a really special finishing treatment on your quilt. These days to make an impact we need to take the time to piece accurately & creatively, choose amazing quilting designs that are appropriate and complimentary […]

Garden Lines rulers by Bethanne Nemesh are HERE!

Our initial supply of these rulers have arrived just in time for Christmas…. Limited supplies for immediate delivery. Treat yourself to these very versatile, well thought out rulers that will expand your design possibilities & provide the utmost accuracy. The ultimate set in precision quilting. The Lily Lines French Curves feature fine alignment lines on […]

Workshop iron & mat – tested & tagged ready to use

Can’t believe it is December already & the year is almost over! I have so many new books available to inspire you but first I’d like to offer a great deal on very gently used workshop irons & ironing mats. These have been used for a maximum of 6 hours with some probably less than […]

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