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Avoid tears😢 from pleats in your quilt backing

Hi all,

One of the biggest causes of tears😢 when you are quilting your beautiful quilt using a frame system is getting tucks in your backing fabric. When you have finished and removed your quilt to find that you have quilted in tucks or pleats, it is such a downer! This will definitely make you not love that quilt because it is now not perfect and you might have to do a lot of time consuming unpicking of those areas, with the danger of damaging it as well.

On a frame system you generally have been provided with some sort of clamp to use on the sides of your quilt backing. You should only be using these on the backing fabric and not the batting and quilt top, by the way. The aim is to tension the backing to eliminate any creases, not to tension so tightly that you are distorting that backing fabric (& then when you release the clamps it springs back to the original size which will cause a different issue)

However, the clamps provided with your machine are often small and two on each side.

Here is a photo of using a tradional clamp that only holds one point of the backing fabric.

Then see how using a full clamp can tension the sides of the quilt backing consistently along the available sides within the rollers. I’ve been using and loving these clamps from Renae Haddadin for many years now and totally recommend these as quick and easy to use that get great results!

BACK IN STOCK after a long wait are the NEW IMPROVED

Red-e-Edge Clamps

Red-E-Edges are the BEST way to ensure you NEVER have to deal with tucks on the back of your quilt or wavy edges ever again!

One small clamp may leave you with uneven tension….causing a wavy border.   No clamps mean you run a risk of a tuck on the back of your quilt!

These light weight side clamps hold securely and evenly across the entire side of your quilt.   Red-E-Edges ensure evenly spaced tension so you don’t get uneven borders from a single point of a small clamp.

All New UPDATED Red-E-Edges are designed to snap shut easily, open easily and still hold your back fabric with the perfect level of tension!   We even include a lightweight, flexible ruler to aid loading minky or silky fabric.

You deserve the best!   Red-E-Edges will make your quilting on ANY machine easier!   Less time fussing means more time quilting!

*The new solid white design replaces the original clear version*
*Sold as a set of two*
*Sized as 12”,16”and 19” to fit YOUR longarm*

Be careful that you do not roll the quilt with the side quilting clamps attached.  They are rigid and this will cause the clamp to split.


Another product back in stock is the No Sew Batting Joiner – so quick and easy to minimise wastage and also to add that bit of batting (that you didn’t calculate correctly) you need after you start quilting on your frame system and running short.

No Sew Batting Joiner 4cm x 20 metres: WhiteNo sew Batting Joiner

  • Join your small pieces of batting.
  • You no longer have any wasted batting.
  • Works on cotton, wool, bamboo, 80/20 blends and polyester.
  • So soft, you won’t know it’s there.
  • Save time and save money.

Only $13.10


Bohin has been out of stock for awhile as well from the supplier and finally I have lots of stock of both the White only Chalk Cartridge Pen as well as the choice of the Multicolour version.

Bohin Chalk Cartridge Pen – Multicolour

Bohin chalk multicolour cartridge pen

One of the best markers on the market is the Chalk Cartridge Set from Bohin. An easily changeable pen style cartridge comes with its own sharpener and a set of chalks in white, red and blue. Widely used by long arm quilters as the chalk just brushes or washes off.

  • These chalk cartridges are special because, in addition to precise line marking, can also carry out exact point marking.
  • Use on a wide range of surfaces: textiles, wood, paper and plastic. Use for hobbies, sewing, quilting, model building an more.
  • Break-proof packed, easily changed thanks to the patented hold mechanism.
  • Excellent fabric use, washes out without a trace, even after ironing.
  • No wax, natural chalk.
  • Eight white, four blue and four red chalk cartridges.
  • Includes chalk holder and sharpener.




COVID has definitely affected the delivery of many orders these past 7 months. Sometimes I have up to 3 orders in the ‘air’ from the same supplier just because backorders have built up whilst waiting for delivery. Also parcels within Australia have been very intermittent with some being really quick and others taking weeks to be delivered ughh. This is totally out of my hands, but I’m insisting on using parcel post so we can at least track the progress when there is some. Thanks to all of you for your patience.

However, I do have great news in that backorders of rulers from Bethanne Nemesh from White Arbor Quilting have all been fulfilled and sent last week with only a couple left again of the Lily Lines range. More are on their way again, so I’m hoping that they will actually get here before current stock is all gone.

The French Connection

So why don’t you treat yourself to some new tools in time for the silly season to help you get better results finishing your quilts!

Happy quilting




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