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Is Stitching therapy what you need?

Stitching Therapy

There are many articles today about how we need to combat our mental health during this pandemic. Luckily, as quilters, we have always known that our hobby, craft, (business for some) can and DOES help us in many ways. I implore you to take care of both yourself and your families during this time.

Just this week our state was locked down so hard that we were not to leave our homes unless for essential services and only once per day. All shops closed, roads were silent and we were all prepared to do what was asked to get back in control and open up again. Thankfully within 2 days this is being relaxed, but we remain ever vigilant and I applaud the actions of our leaders in controlling this so quickly. The impact on businesses, employers and employees are devastating, but so is the repercussions of this disease running rampant.

Benefits of stitching and quilting

Here are 5 reasons why you should continue stitching and quilting.

Stress relief

Stitching encourages mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety. The meditative action of stitching encourages positivity and feelings of relaxation. Being forced to concentrate on one particular task enables you to become immersed in a situation and truly unwind.

Improved hand-eye coordination

If you’re keen to enhance your motor skills, stitching does just that; especially hand-eye-coordination. The attention to detail that stitching requires encourages coordination and relieves physical issues such as back pain.

Brain growth

Stitching requires creativity, which improves the brain’s ability to grow new brain cells. As mental deterioration is a result of lost connection between neurons, stitching promotes mental growth.


Like other craft activities, stitching increases dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel more positive.

It fights dementia

Because stitching makes you remember specific steps, it works the brain and keeps the mind clear, focused and active. This can help prevent dementia as you grow older.


Here at Constantine Quilts, we have a great range of inspirational books, threads and tools that can help you achieve some fantastic creations.

Take some time to explore the website to find them all whilst you are isolating at home…

Some NEW exciting products that have arrived this past week are:

The Art of Whimsical Stitching

art of whimsical stitching

Creative Stitch Techniques and Inspiring Projects.
Paint, Stitch, Play!

In The Art of Whimsical Stitching, bestselling author and teacher Joanne Sharpe shares her favourite, go-to methods for creating exuberant stitch art. If you’re a sewer or quilter, you’ll take your stitching in a new direction with paints, markers, and dyes. If you’re a mixed-media artist, you’ll learn to embellish your work with stitching.

Doodle stitching embroidery art

Doodle Stitching Embroidery Art

Use floss like a boss! Hand stitching ideas for thread artists. Create hand embroidered art with best-selling author Aimee Ray. Mix and match motifs and personalise wall art with lettering and numbers. Consider using our Sue Spargo Primitive range of 8wt pearl embroidery threads to create these designs.


The Intentional Thread – A Guide To Drawing Gesture and Colour In Stitch

The Intentional Stitch

Communicate your ideas using line, shape, color, and texture with this reference and how-to exploration in one.

Whether your particular interest is pictorial, portraiture, abstract compositions, or actual text, you can “say” almost anything with thread.


We have also restocked all our Karen Kay Buckley products this week and to help your mental health stability are offering all of these at a 10% discount until midnight Wednesday 25th Nov. so you can stock up on the best scissors on the market today. Use coupon code KKB10 in the shopping cart to get your discount.


Karen Kay Buckley medium perfect scissorsKaren Kay Buckley perfect scissors small

Karen Kay Buckley perfect circlesbigger perfect circlesKaren Kay Buckley Perfect StemsKaren Kay Buckley Perfect Leaves


I’m sending this out just in time for the weekend and trust that you are stitching away, keeping healthy in mind and body as well as being creative.

For the first time this year I am going to run a 12 Days of Christmas spectacular! Each day will have different specials for you to stock up on, purchase as gifts, challenge yourself to a new technique or just indulge yourself.

Stay tuned for each day’s newsletter that will go out at 8am ACDT from 1-12th December 2020. You can combine all your orders over the 12 days by simply adding a note in the shopping cart to hold and combine to save postage costs. FREE Shipping if total order is over $125-

Stay safe, stay stitching, stay healthy in mind and body!

Have a great weekend



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