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Stunning & creative ways to finish your Quilts

theres more than one way to bind a quilt

A quilt is simply not finished until it is bound and has a label on it! We all know this of course, but just how many ways are there to finish your quilts?

I’ve gathered together some great resources to show step by step on different ways to be really creative with amazing results on just how to do this.

Some are really easy to achieve and look great on most quilts, but I’ve also included the absolute ‘crème de la crème’ of stunning, but detailed and time consuming choices to really make your quilts show worthy and special.

This first book is a brand new to us step-by-step guide that is really handy to have on hand to assist you in finishing your quilts.

There’s More Than One Way to Bind a Quilttheres more than one way to bind a quilt

Every quilt needs to be bound but not every quilt needs to be bound the same way.

Now, in one concise booklet, ten (10) of the most popular binding techniques are shown in large, clear step-by-step photos, illustrations and easy-to-follow text. The ten (10) binding techniques are:

  1. Double-fold,
  2. Single-fold,
  3. Machine-stitched,
  4. Self Binding,
  5. Inside-out,
  6. Two-sided,
  7. Flange,
  8. Four-fabric scrappy, Irregular-edge
  9. Hexagon,
  10. Irregular-edge Scallop.

In addition, the booklet includes continuous regular and bias binding, sewing into continuous strip, joining tuck, straight or bias binding ends, hand-stitching binding to the quilt back and more.


Next up is one that also focus’s on the all important part of adding borders properly to your quilts. We all know that if this is not done correctly we may end up with a quilt that is not square and will not lie straight or be easy to quilt on a longarm machine.

Borders Assembly and Binding Borders assembly and binding

It’s time to add the borders! Learn how to measure and cut borders accurately and sew with butted or mitered corners. then on to the sandwiching your quilt top for quilting – the supplies you’ll need and how to accommodate a larger quilt, either with a table-and-clamp method or on the floor. The final touch, adding the binding. Kent shows you every step of the process, including hints to precisely join the ends, how to ensure sharp corners, and detailed instructions for hand finishing the binding on the back of the quilt.
Full color photographs clearly illustrate each technique.

Binding by Longarm

Learn a quick and easy way to keep the joins in the binding out of the corners to avoid bulk.  Step by step instruction on attaching bindings with the longarm, along with marketing hints to build your business.  This new version has the normal 90 degree corner, with new sections on non-90 degree corners, scallops, curves, and adding binding to the back – all with the long-arm!

35 pages, full colour


Combine with this book the very useful tool from Shelley Sieverkropp

Wheatridge Studios 90 Degree Binding Ruler

To use with your long-arm machine to attach binding to your quilt accurately. Use in conjunction with her book ‘Binding by Longarm’ and you can’t go wrong.

No, you don’t have to have this ruler.  Shelley has attached binding for years with no ruler.  She also attached binding for a couple more years with someone else’s ruler.  But if she has the choice to use nothing, use the other ruler, or search thru her studio for this one, she will stop what she is doing to find this ruler!   Includes lines for 1/4″ and 3/8″ seams.

Now I’m going to share with the next level inspirational way to creatively finish those show quilts or special occasion quilts! Join with Bethanne Nemesh to learn her stunning finishing techniques. She has got a book AND a DVD that extensively covers various techniques. The DVD has extra on there so well worth it, but you will learn plenty to get started just with the book if you prefer that method of learning.

Devil in the Details

by National Award Winning quilter – Bethanne Nemesh

In “The Devil is in the Details, the Art of Fine Finishing Touches

you will not only learn the intricate beaded piping, and beaded knife edge techniques that earn Bethanne’s show quilts so much attention, but 12 others as well.  This book isn’t  just for those interested in wowing judges on the show floor, it is for anyone interested in taking their quilts to the next level and adding a fine finishing touch to their quilt.  The book features 49 pages, with color plates of easy to follow, step by step photography, and descriptions.


But if you prefer the extended DVD?

All The Devilish Details DVDAll the Devilish Details DVD

This 3 hour, 15 minute DVD is the packed teaching equivalent of an 18 hour class retreat with a CD of 33 pages of printable class material.  Learn 15 mix and match amazing, award winning details at your own pace.  You will only need your own home sewing machine with an invisible zipper foot and hand sewing techniques, and a trip to the craft store to achieve spectacular results.

Download the class materials list to get a jump on gathering supplies before your DVD arrives, or consider a pre-made class kit (limited supply).

Companion Supply Kit, All the Devilish Details

A quick start for your All the Devilish Details Class!  All the supplies necessary to jump into class, with none of the extra shopping.  You will receive a downloadable supply list with your DVD purchase, if you prefer to do your own shopping.Devilish companion kit

Sometimes shopping is no fun, and depending on where you live….not easy!  This supply kit contains all the beads and basic notions necessary to enjoy her class, All the Devilish Details.  Many people may prefer to buy larger quantities by shopping on their own, or online….but sometimes the easy button is best!  This kit includes:

  • 8.5 x 11″ piece of Heat and Bond Lite
  • 2 yards of 4mm beaded chain
  • 2 yards of 3mm beaded chain
  • 12″ of 6mm beaded chain
  • 4 yards of white ‘rattail’ cording
  • one small bag of loose 6mm beads
  • one package of gradation sorted glass pearl beads
  • 1 extra large 7/8″ wide craft stick

This kit is meant as a convenience, with enough notions for the class samples and a final project.


Hope you can find some inspiration and choices in how to finish your own quilts. From the utilitarian quilts that are going to be washed and used, to those special quilts for loved ones and show quilting. There are different methods that we can use.

Happy finishing all your quilts!


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