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The Best Way To Say Goodbye To Tension Nightmares

Tension issues? My, my, haven’t we all cursed because of it! Just imagine you sitting in front of your machine, probably humming while working on that pretty quilt, when all of a sudden, you have to stop because of looping on the underside of your beautiful fabric. Ugh! What a nightmare!

Now, how about thread breakage? Oh, please! Who has time for that?!

If you’re anything like me, who doesn’t want to be bothered by tension woes, you’ll absolutely love the TOWA Bobbin Case tension gauge. It is heaven-sent to machine quilters like you and I!

I’m pleased to let you know that I have more stock of this simple and easy to use tool so we can all quilt happily.Β  Get yours now!

The TOWA bobbin tension gauge puts a numerical value to the amount of tension placed on a bobbin. This is very helpful as it allows you to quantify the amount of tension placed on a bobbin thread, so you have a benchmark to base bobbin tension.

Check out this video showing how the magic happens:

Oh, since we want to say a total “bye-bye” to bobbin tension issues, you better say “hello” to Mega Magic Bobbin Genies. No more looping, no more untimely bobbin wearing, all I can say is: you better buy yours now!


Special size for LONG-ARM MACHINES M BOBBIN CASES. EASY TO USE! Just drop A MEGA GENIE MAGIC BOBBIN WASHER into your bobbin case, replace the bobbin, and you’re good to go! Eliminates the backlash and bird’s nests on the underside of the quilt when changing directions at high speed. ($19.50AUD plus postage)


Until next time…

Happy quilting!



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