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Unique Heart Quilts Made Easy with Heart Templates!

My, my, how time flies! Can you believe it? We’re more than halfway through the year!

Anyway, just a quick update about me, I have been busy this winter with a lot of cooking (for family gatherings) and finally, working on some customer quilts. I was in Adelaide last Friday, 5th of July for the Festival of Quilts guild show, and I sure had a great time! The competition was outstanding & it was such a pleasure to connect with fellow quilters and catch up with friends, old and new.  And oh, not to mention the quilts on display – simply breathtaking! Congratulations to all the winners this year.

By the way, I do hope you were able to take advantage of the huge sale (EOFY SALE) we had last month. It’s a shame to have missed it, but if you did, fret not.

I mentioned before that I’m working on new and improved templates. The old rulers have to go to make way for the new ones, and that only means one thing: RULERS AT AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES!

So we started off with the No-Frills™ Circle Templates, now let the No-Frills™ Heart Templates steal the limelight…

Here’s a tutorial on using heart templates on your longarm quilting machine, so you can see the No-Frills™ Heart template in action:

Here’s another quick video as an added treat:

Just look at these designs you can create using these templates. Amazing!

Check out these quilts! Beautiful, aren’t they?


Heart template Heart template

Heart template
Pattern designed by Jessica Stern and Stacey Day © Quilt Inspiration

Heart template

YOU TOO, can easily create beautiful designs and quilts using the No-Frills™ Heart Templates. All there’s left to do is to let your imagination fly! Use the 6mm solid hearts for quilting on your longarm machine or domestic machine with high shank ruler foot. We also have just one set left of the 3mm Nested Hearts sets that are great for designing both applique’ and quilting designs or to use with your low shank domestic machines.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to take advantage of this while supplies last! Buy your No-Frills™ Heart Templates here. The No-Frills™ Circle Templates are still on sale, too. Buy yours here.

The 25% discount will be automatically calculated in your shopping cart, but will only be for existing stock only.

Till next time…


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