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How To Create Stunning Quilts With Circle Templates

No Frills™ Circle Templates on sale now!

Before anything else, I and my ‘Belle’ (Border Collie doorbell) want to wish my fellow mothers a (belated) Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you all had a lovely and meaningful weekend with your family and loved ones.

“A mother is like a quilt — each one is beautiful and unique.”

Boy, that’s true! We’re all like beautiful quilts, perfect in our own unique way. Did you enter our Facebook Mother’s Day giveaway? The lucky winner is now the proud owner of Bethanne Nemesh ‘Sampler Quilt Smackdown’ book. For future giveaways Like & follow our Facebook page to receive notifications in your newsfeed!

Now, speaking of beautiful quilts, I created the 6mm thick No-Frills™ Circle Templates to help you create stunning designs for your masterpieces. Way back in 2002 I started selling templates here in Australia to use with longarm quilting machines. At the time we had no alternatives except for purchasing from overseas and exchange rates at the time meant that a set of 8 circles would have cost me over AU$400 ughh! So I researched and designed and made them here. This grew into a large range of templates and rulers that were ‘no frills’ at an amazingly low price. With no lines etched or branding, they are simple and basic. There are tips on using and marking these on the website to have handy guidelines.

The time has come to finally update these – so YOU can benefit with super low prices whilst stocks last. New templates with really useful accurate guidelines are being designed and tested now. Prices will increase to reflect the higher manufacturing costs. I’ve also been absorbing material cost increases for the last 5 years as well, as I have not increased prices all this time. Over the next few weeks we will be promoting each ‘no frills’ category with super amazing discounts to clear existing stock to make way for updated ones.

So to start off ALL circles will have 25% discount on existing low prices. USE coupon code:  Circle25 in the shopping cart when checking out.

No-Frills™ Circle Template

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to stitch around circle templates:

They’re very versatile – you can create multiple designs using the circle templates. Check out these pretty circle quilting ideas I found on Pinterest, which you can easily make yourself:

© TL Kennedy

©Maria Shell

© Photo owner
© Photo owner
Photo by SpringLeaf Studios

Plus, they come in 20 different sizes to suit everyone! Make sure to get yours here.

By the way, make sure to check out the Nested Circles Design Templates as well. Each ring of the nested circles gives you a different curve to allow you to design amazing quilting patterns for hand quilting and machine quilting using your domestic machine. These are 3mm thick and suitable to use on those domestic sewing machines that prefer thinner templates.

Nested Circles DESIGN templates

Think Cathedral Windows, Clamshells, Baptist Fans… They’re easily achieved with these templates! Create unique borders and block designs – the possibilities are endless! Get yours now!

Till next time…


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