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Ultimate Medallion creative stencils are here!

Hi everyone!

With prompting from so many customers who absolutely LOVE Cindy Needham and her stencils and sharing of design ideas – I have now just received a limited supply of her Ultimate Medallion Stencils AND her Ultimate Oval Stencils.

Ultimate Medallions 

This is the newest addition to the “Ultimates” stencil collection!  Larger medallion designs such as circles, ovals and stars are difficult to draft and hard to find.  This Complete Collection includes theUltimate Medallion stencil

  • Cathedral Feathers (17″),
  • Zig-Zag Circle (17″),
  • Feathered Star (34″),
  • Cable Star (19″),
  • Circle Medley#1 (up to 34″),
  • Circle Medley #2 (up to 34″),
  • Oval Medley#1 (up to 41.5 x 33.5″) and
  • Oval Medley #2 (up to 41.5 x 33.5″).

If you wish to use a stencil and the size isn’t right for your quilt, she has included a Proportional Wheel along with black/white copies of each of the stencil designs.  This allows you to shrink/enlarge designs to any size you wish…you would then place the newly sized copied design on your light table and trace to your quilt top.

A 31-page E-Book has been written with instructions and inspirational designs and is available by email download once you have purchased this set.  This book includes instructions on how to quilt the various Circle and Oval medley borders.

Opening special of $175 whilst stocks last!


In the same shipment I also stocked up on all her other stencils and added her Ultimate Ovals, that I haven’t had in the past.

Ultimate Ovals 

This is the newest member of Cindy’s “Ultimates” family of stencils!  Good oval shapes are very difficult to find and they are even harder to draft.  She often uses them to create a frame around another design or to create beautiful feather wreaths.

This is a two-stencil set and includes a “wide” oval and a “narrow” oval.  The narrow oval measures 8 x 13″ and includes eight different sized ovals 1/2″ apart.  The fat oval measures 10 x 13″ and includes 10 different sized ovals 1/2″ apart.  Each stencil also includes horizontal/vertical guides as well as angles.

Cindy has once again provided an extensive handout to go with these stencils. A download link will be emailed to you once purchased and you can also find the download under your account details as well at any time.

Opening special of $45 whilst stocks last!


Another very popular item that I sold out of very quickly the first time around, has finally come back in stock! Get in quick – they won’t last long.


with novelty tape measure handle. This mug is comfortable to hold and is a perfect addition to your sewing space.

Collect these to sit and drink with your sewing friends. Buy now

Sew Thirsty sewing mug

Do you have issues when machine quilting with your quilt sandwich ‘sticking’ to your extended table and being difficult to move under your needle? There are a number of ways you can help make this much easier.

Helmar Silicone Spray

I have just got in some fantastic Australian made Silicone Spray from Helmar.

Helmar Silicone Spray is used for lubrication of thread, on tables and tracks to enhance ease of moving parts and quilting.

Creates the perfect surface to smoothly move your quilt sandwich whilst free motion quilting!

Instructions on how to use silicone spray:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Remove sewing machine and peripheral equipment from table top.
  3. Spray a liberal coating on table top and allow to dry thoroughly
  4. or take your extended table for your sewing machine outside and spray and allow to dry


Another product that is used for this very purpose is the

IMPROVED Supreme Free-Motion Slider™

The original pure Teflon® top slides with zero friction and now with NEW PINK SELF-STICKING UNDERSIDE. The Supreme Free-Motion Slider™ “clings” and is easy to remove. Just three easy steps to successful machine quilting:

  1. Attach the free-motion foot.
  2. Lower the feed dogs.
  3. Position the Supreme Slider™ on sewing bed with the needle centred in the pre-punched hole.

The Slider is 8″ x 11.5″ and fits any machine. Easily trimmed with scissors. Includes free quilting designs. Noted authors and quilting teachers Diane Gaudynski and Joanie Zeier Poole give it “Thumbs up!”

Supreme Free-Motion Slider™Supreme Slider1




This gives you some choices on how you would like to setup your machine quilting workspace and some different products to make your life easier!

Keep on quilting

until next time


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