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Stunning high quality FabuLux™ thread is here!

Fabulux thread

I’m so excited! This stunning high quality FabuLux™ thread is here!

I have used a couple of cones of this thread in my machines in the past and really wanted some more choices on hand to give an amazing punch to my quilts. It runs so well in my machines AND looks so pretty!

FabuLux™ is a 40wt 3ply trilobal polyester thread with a brilliant shimmer and excellent strength (dyed and finished to withstand mild bleaching). It is ideal on domestic and midarm machines, and higher speed longarm quilting machines.

Available in 5 solid neon colours and 35 variegated colours in 2743m (3000yd) cones. There is a colour for every occasion!

I now have the entire range in stock and to get you started I’m having an opening special of 10% discount until the end of the month! The discount will be automatically applied at the checkout until midnight on 30th September, so why not take advantage and try some for yourself.

We have been waiting patiently for more ODIF stock to arrive as it has been very scarce for awhile now.

Back in stock! Limited supplies…

505 Basting Spray    

Temporary Adhesive for Fabrics & Papers
– Finally a Basting Spray that does not gum up sewing needles and has no mist.
– Odourless and colourless.
– Will not make the quilt top sticky if applied to back of pattern.
– Outstanding for machine applique, quilting, and embroidery. Use to baste quilt layers in preparation for quilting. – Excellent when used with tear-away and continuous machine quilting patterns.
– Holds the stabilising interface in place for machine embroidery.
– Does not transfer onto the foundation material.
– Acid-free.
– Contains no fluorocarbons.
– Water Based.
– Voted best basting spray year in and year out!

Grippy – Non-slip Coating Spray

GrippyCreates a non-slip surface on rulers, templates, stencils, rugs, hangers.
Great for use with fabric and paper projects.
Grippy is a fantastic aide to cut your fabric strips or for all your quilting templates. Grippy is so easy to use while machine quilting: a simple pressure on the template and the template does not move, allowing for perfect quilting every time.


606 Fusible Web Spray



606 Spray Fusible Web is a Spray on fusible web that turns any fabric into a fusible product. This product is easy to use and will not gum or resist the needle. To create your own fusible fabric or stabiliser, just spray, allow to dry 2 – 3 minutes and then fuse with an iron on medium heat.


This next little gadget is absolutely a life saver if you struggle to find and pick up pins, screws and bobbins when you drop them on the floor and they roll under a table, cupboard or chair! Make your life easier and tidier by having the Pin Picker close by to save your back and knees! I don’t know what I ever did without this now…

Magnetic LED pin picker

Magnetic telescopic pin picker


The Magnetic LED pin picker comes with a sturdy and comfortable handle and can be used in many situations when you need to find pins, needles or parts that have been dropped in your sewing room or fix your machines.

  • Magnet head with LED lights, suitable for picking up small metal screw/objects in the dark hidden areas of your sewing room.
  • For picking up pins, needles, metal parts, hardware tools, nuts and bolts, etc.
  • Telescopic and easy to carry.
  • Adjustment range: about 19-69cm
  • Material: stainless steel, magnet ,Plastic handle

Only $11-

I’m off to enjoy all my new thread! I have a big problem I know, but a quilter can’t have too much can we?

happy quilting

until next time


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