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Quilting with rulers! Ideas, how to & more…

Quilting with rulers

Do you love the look of geometric quilting? You can achieve this & so much more using rulers on either your frame machine or your stationary machine.


Quilting with clamshell ruler


Do you like what you see? Here’s something NEW for you that’ll surely help you achieve geometric designs:

Visual Guide to Creative Straight-Line Quilting

Create impressive designs without having to freehand with the help of these rulers and books created by several different artists and fellow quilters myself included). Do you want to combine ruler quilting with freehand quilting? That’s actually a great idea! Check out my recommendation below and I guarantee that you’ll be breezing through creating your masterpiece! I promise you it would be nothing short of STUNNING!

Quilting with clamshell rulerNo frills Rectangleβ„’Β 
Renae Haddadin Steady Edge Rulers
Lilac Lines Concave Ruler
Garden Lines SID
Lavender Lines Convex Ruler
4N1 Quilting Ruler


Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book

Tempting Templates! Swags

Lastly, let me remind everyone that the entire No Frillsβ„’Β  collection is still on SALE. Get yours at their current price as you can expect their individual prices to go up as soon as the new and improved CQ Rulers collection is rolled out. Don’t miss this chance and buy yours now!

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