I found these rare books on the shelf... - Constantine Quilts

I found these rare books on the shelf…

Encyclopedia of Pieced quilt patterns

I can’t believe I’ve had these books in stock and they were never put on the website! 

Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman

They are brand new in pristine condition and fantastic books BUT when I went to look online for them have discovered how desired they are.

This second edition was published in 1993 and has been out of print for years. This is making it one of the most searched for books on Amazon Australia at ridiculus prices!

Don’t freak out, but for a laugh I put the current price that is on Amazon.com.au as the price & then discounted it down to the actual price. Yes it is still expensive… but so worth it in your library!

Second revised Edition by Barbara Brackman, this book places at your fingertips illustrations, names and original published sources for over 4,000 pieced patterns. Its comprehensive listing of pieced quilt designs published from the 1830’s through the 1970’s makes this Encyclopedia a wonderful resource for pattern identification and also a source of inspiring possibilities for those who make quilts themselves.

This book is 551 pages, hardcover and weighs over 1.5kg

I also found one copy of Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Applique’ as well.

Encyclopedia of Applique

Indispensable Reference Guide for Quilt Collectors and Appliqué Lovers

• Newly revised classic includes 2000 appliqué patterns from the 19th and 20th centuries
• New in this edition: 5 appliqué quilt project and updated history of appliqué
• Find the perfect block either by subject (wreaths, leaves, etc.), by type of design, or by time period
• Find the name and original publication for antique applique quilts

This classic compendium of appliqué blocks from quilt historian and best-selling author Barbara Brackman is packed with essential information no appliqué lover should be without.

Today I also did my regular Live Book Review on Facebook and we took a peek inside two more books that are great historical resources.

Quilting Designs from the Past

Quilting Designs from the Past by Jenny Carr Kinney

Make Your Quilts Look Like Antiques with Authentic Period Quilting Designs

• Over 300 historically accurate quilting designs, organized into four time periods to make it easy to find the right designs for your quilt
• Essential reference guide for anyone interested in vintage and antique quilts
• Designs for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced
• Use for hand or machine quilting

You’ve created a beautiful quilt top in the style of your favorite era. But how do you quilt it? This huge collection of historic quilting designs has the answer. With hundreds of designs gathered from old quilts, patterns, books, magazines, and other original sources, you’ll find the perfect quilting design to make your quilt look like it was created generations ago.

then this one…


More Antique Quilting Designs

More Antique Quilting Designs by Roberta Benvin

Use these patterns to reproduce an antique quilt or enhance an original, modern day project. Six historical quilts have inspired a collection of floral quilting patterns for quilt makers and non-quilting historians. All are suitable for today’s newer techniques: fusible appliqué, embroidery, fabric painting and stencilling, as well as for quilting. 85 quilting patterns and sampler designs were provided by nineteenth-century artists whose “canvas and brush” methods were a square of muslin and a needle.

It has been fun revisiting books that I have in stock to see again what is inside the covers for everyone on these Facebook Lives. If you want to join in on Mondays at 2pm on my Facebook Page then please put a note in your diaries or even better go to my Facebook Page Like the page and change your preferences to be notified when I go live so you don’t miss out.

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Happy quilting


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