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Do you have slippery rulers?

Do you ever get frustrated when you use rulers whilst cutting fabrics or when machine quilting? I’m sure everyone will relate – dealing with slippery rulers is such a nightmare!

Sure, there are ways to “make it work” like standing up while cutting, putting just the right amount of pressure on the ruler and adjusting your grip on the cutter, using packaging tape, etc. but really, having to think about all these supposedly “nifty” tricks will just be a burden! Plus, you have to be extra, extra careful so as not to ruin your beautiful fabric. Can you imagine all the hassle? UGH!

Well, worry no more! I’m happy to give you not just one, but two products that’ll end your problems with slippery rulers!

Quilters, make way for the Omnigrid® InvisiGrip™ and the Odif Grippy Ruler Grip. They will be your life-savers when you find yourself stuck with a pile of fabric for cutting or your precious quilt top to get quilted.


Omnigrid® InvisiGrip™ is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to quilting rulers and templates to prevent slipping while rotary cutting; InvisiGrip™ is invisible when applied for clear viewing; it can be removed without leaving a residue. Buy yours here.

Just check out the video below to see how it works!

Permanently re-positionable craft adhesive – the Odif 404 Spray and Fix Ruler Grip sticks anywhere in any combination: paper, leather, plastic, wood, metal. No residue transfers. Reposition over and over again. Use on machine quilting rulers and patterns, stencil patterns, home décor projects, memory books, paper applique templates, crafts and artwork. Get yours here.

Watch the quick tutorial below on how to use this “magic spray”:

These products will come in handy in using your No Frills Rulers! Oh, I did mention before that I’m nearly finished with the new and improved rulers. So that can only mean one thing: the entire No Frills™ collection are on sale, and will continue to be on sale until supplies are depleted! Make sure to grab yours whilst you can! Check the entire collection here.

Till next time…


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