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As you may all know, I am quite busy these days preparing for my long-anticipated trip to Texas for Houston Quilt Market & Festival… BUT, I did mention that awesome NEW stock keeps arriving at Constantine Quilts, so here I am again for another update. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss all the goodies we have in store for you, so you can expect more posts in the coming weeks. And yes, I’ll be keeping everyone in the loop whilst I’m in the US of A!

Anyway, as the headline suggests, I’ll be sharing with you fantastic books to get you started with doodle quilting. Doodle quilting is excellent for those moments where you find yourself stuck in a quilting rut. It’s also great for beginners waiting to unlock their creativity!

Speaking of quilting rut, Cheryl Malkowski’s new book, Doodle Quilting Mania, will definitely stop you from dawdling and will get you started with doodling!

Get inspired to machine quilt that unfinished top with an astounding two hundred and fifty new designs from best-selling Doodle Quilting author Cheryl Malkowski. Dozens of free-motion ideas for quilting individual blocks-plus themed motifs, allover designs, and sashing and border patterns-mean you’ll find a new freedom in travelling across the quilt. So change your tune from just getting it done to quilting up some fun! Get yours here.

Doodle Quilting Mania

I also have a few more copies of its predecessor, Doodle Quilting (softcover), where Cheryl Malkowsi makes it easy to free-motion quilt by mastering your doodling skills! In her beginner’s guide to continuous-line quilting designs, learn how to select the right shapes to get where you need to go; sometimes the hardest part is figuring out where to quilt next. Squiggles, swirls, flowers, feathers…learn which are best for confined spaces and which work better traveling across your quilt. Gain confidence in your ability to draw basic shapes, then learn how to put them together into over a hundred all-over quilting designs. Includes drawing exercises and tips for transferring designs from paper to fabric. Get yours here.

Doodle Quilting

Need more inspiration? Read on as I offer you more free-motion quilting guides to fuel your imagination!

180 Doodle Quilting Designs – Free-Motion ideas for Blocks, Borders, and beyond by Karen Burns is a must-have book and lifelong reference for any quilter’s library. Discover how to fill setting triangles, blocks and borders with a variety of traditional and modern quilting designs, divided into chapters by style: Lines and Squiggles, Curves and Pebbles, Swirls and Feathers, and Just for Fun. Get yours here.

Doodle quilting designs

Doodle quilting has taken the quilt world by storm–and now there are 180 more doodle designs for you to enjoy! In this sequel to the best-selling book 180 Doodle Quilting Designs, you’ll learn to trace a doodle and then draw it freehand. By the time you start free-motion quilting, your eyes, hands, and muscles recognise the design, and all these parts work together to create the doodles in thread. And oh, two Aussies have five designs published in this edition!! Carolyn Murfitt of Freebird Quilting Designs and yours truly got a couple of designs in there this time, so make sure to get yours here.

Free-Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 – 61 Designs to Finish Your Quilts with Flair – 400+ Step-by-Step Photos by Lori Kennedy will help you discover how to machine quilt creative designs the easy way. More than 60 striking quilting motifs are at your fingertips in this comprehensive visual guide to free-motion machine quilting. Let Lori Kennedy take you through each step of the process with easy-to-understand instructions and a multitude of clear, close-up photos so you won’t miss a stitch. Get yours here.

Free motion quilting designs 1-2-3

Lori Kennedy’s More Free Motion Machine Quilting 123 is also available in stock. Get more tips, tricks, and techniques that can turn anyone into a top-notch machine quilter! I’m sure everyone will love the section on how to quilt The Big Quilt – Lori’s got loads of ideas to help them succeed! Get yours here.

Free-motion quilting 1-2-3

As mentioned, all of the above are suitable for all. Whether you’re an expert, or a beginner just starting out with the craft, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them all the same. Make sure to check them all out!

Also remember that you can order 24/7 online through the website, but all orders will be filled and sent on my return on the 4th November. As orders are made and paid the inventory will adjust to reflect them. Some of these books are limited supplies, so if you want one at these prices then order straight away. Any replacements ordered will be new pricing according to current exchange rates (which are still icky…)

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