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How to design Cable quilting designs for any space

Perfect Cable Template Set

Quite a few years ago I wanted to design a cable design to fit my quilt border and none of my stencils would fit what I needed. I sat and thought about it and finally came up with these templates that would both help me design and draw PLUS assist/guide whilst stitching that drawn design withΒ my longarm.

I have taught classes in the USA on the basics on how to use these, but have now finally made a video to assist you getting started on using them. Definitely not a ‘professional’ video, but I do hope you can get excited by the possibilities.

I have also got aΒ Pinterest Board to inspire you on all the different cables that can be created. I’m sure you can come up with even more designs and would love you to send some photos of them that I can add to this board for others to be inspired!

You can purchase this template set here

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