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Great Australian Craft Show 2 is on again!

Great Australian Craft Show 2

YES!! We are exhibiting once again in the ONLINE Great Australian Craft Show commencing Friday 1st May at 9.30am AEST and finishing on Monday 4th May 4pm

If you haven’t already heard of this wonderful event then don’t miss out this time. Whilst we are all still social distancing and staying home, Craft Alive have taken the initiative to create an ONLINE event for all their exhibitors and attendees so we don’t miss out on ‘seeing’ you and sharing lots of goodies, specials and information/education with you.

This time, with a little more preparation time, there are schedules for you to choose what you want to attend. Even special classrooms that you can visit to do a virtual ‘make’n’take’ class.

I have planned a pretty full schedule on my Constantine Quilts Facebook page – with lots of how to videos, a class and reviews. Plus I will also be going live on Facebook to show you notions & review some books. Here is my FULL schedule for the next 4 days. Please LIKE my facebook page so you can see my videos & specials in your newsfeed as they arrive.


The simplest description – the Great Australian Craft Show is like any other CraftAlive just online (instead of in person)

Just like a normal event the Show has a specific date:
Fri 1 – Mon 4 May

Just like a normal event the Show runs in
specific venue:Β


Every exhibitor has a ‘stand’ at the event, located on the website. Browse the exhibitor list and exhibitor stands, in the same way you’d wander around a normal event.
Want to contact an exhibitor – message on Facebook, email or call.


Every exhibitor will be online during the event.

Facebook is where you’ll find things that normally happen on exhibitor stands…
– Demos
– Product specials
– Chat, share ideas, ask questions

Classes will be taught in 2 main locations:
2) Exhibitor pages (Facebook, YouTube, Zoom etc.)

Join me to hear about specials & more during the next 4 days!


Free shipping

See you on my Facebook page!



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