99 Machine Quilting Design Ideas

99 machine quilting designs

Can’t believe it is 30th June already! Where has the year gone???

The crops have all been planted and rain has finally arrived and hopefully will continue to come down when we need it here in South Australia. Being farmers this is a daily topic!

It’s been a busy time that is for sure, but also my favourite time for quilting in the winter with our fire going and all cozy and warm in the evenings stitching and finishing things.

I’ve had quite a few things arriving over the past month and finally getting around to letting you know about them. On the home page of the website new products are populated all the time, so make a note to yourself to check that section out from time to time!

The first one I’m going to show you is this great new book from Christa Watson. She was such a popular teacher when I brought her out in 2018 with amazing feedback from her very happy students that you will just have to have this new book from her. Totally a domestic machine quilter, these are perfectly able to be achieved by both sit down and standup  quilters on longarm machines. Some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

99 Machine Quilting Design Ideas for Walking Foot & Free Motion Quilting by Christa Watson

Give your quilts a fabulous finish! Award-winning machine quilter and best-selling author Christa Watson presents a new collection of dynamic machine-quilting ideas. Gain insight and inspiration from step-by-step instructions for 35 walking-foot designs and 64 freemotion techniques, plus dozens of variations. Each design includes a photo, a description, and a diagram to set you up for plenty of machine-quilting success—even if it’s your first time quilting on your home sewing machine.

  • Pages: 96
  • Author: Christa Watson
  • Publish Date: 02/05/2021



These next few books have been flying off the shelf as great little pocket guides to have for yourself or as a gift for a quilty friend.

Pocket Guide to Sewing Notions

Don’t begin another project without this resourceful and compact pocket guide! Learn everything you need to know about every kind of notion, how to use them properly, and how to care for and store them! From understanding the difference between permanent and wash-away adhesives, what size rotary cutter you need, the proper way to store needles, bobbins, and scissors, and so much more, this guide is perfect for keeping with all of your craft supplies and taking with you to the store when deciding which notion you need next. Also included are helpful, unbiased reviews of each product. Author, owner of Sue O’Very Designs, and Aurifil thread designer, Sue O’Very is also a columnist for Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine and owns an online store that specializes in machine embroidery patterns.

  • Pages: 72
  • Author: Sue O’Very
  • Publish Date: 01/18/2021


Know Your Battings: Carry-along Reference Guide for Quilters and Sewers

Know your battingChoose appropriate batting, know how to use it correctly, and avoid common mistakes with this resourceful pocket-sized guide,

Know Your Battings. Containing over 50 pages of terminology definitions and charts listing retailer batting names, finishes, roll widths, stitch spaces, recommended quilting comments, and so much more, you won’t want to start another project without this guide.

Take it with you to the store so you get the right batting every time, resulting in a quilt you’ll love!

This book is particularly valuable for LONGARM quilters to understand the different battings you may have to use and quilt with! Having the expert knowledge on how to quilt and care for different battings and being able to advise your customers is priceless. Knowing which to use for specific purposes will show you are an expert in your field and prevent issues down the track.


101 Quilting Tips & Tricks Pocket Guide

101 Quilting Tips & Tricks

The ultimate pocket guide to quilting by nationally-known quilting authority Penny Haren, this book is packed with expert tips and tricks on equipment, short cuts, organisation, colour, patterns, machine quilting, and more!

Providing 101 great tips for beginning quilters but also filled with new information for experienced quilters, there’s tricks for everyone to try!




TIP # 53:

When creating Rail Fence borders or other borders with lots of seams on the outer edge, reduce your stitch length. The reduced stitch length will stop the seams from coming apart while machine quilting.


I would love to see any winter projects you are working on in front of your fires/heaters. Pop them in the comments below this post on the website!

I’ll have a very special project to share soon…75 Clip Art Baby ideas | clip art, baby cartoon, cute baby cartoon

Until next time – happy quilting!


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