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Tips for best results for finishing your quilt.

So you have decided to send your beautiful quilt top to your favourite machine quilter?

There are some things that you can do before it leaves to assist in getting the best results from your machine quilter. Always check with them direct to see if they have specific requirements, but the following list is a good place to start.

For Best Results   

  • Trim away excess threads from front & back of the quilt top before sending for quilting.
  • Label the ‘top’ edge of the quilt.
  • Pieced borders should have a line of stay stitching around the edge to prevent the seams popping open and distorting the border
  • If wadding & backing are being provided, ensure that they are cut at least 15cm larger than the top in length & width.
  • Always remove selvedges before joining backing.
  • Choose a backing fabric which has an even weave & is a cotton fabric with similar ’feel’ to the top.
  • Please note that the use of ‘sheeting’ as a backing fabric is not recommended as the weave may be too dense to allow even needle penetration.
  • Blend, rather than contrast, the colour of the backing fabric to the colours in the top to allow the best thread colour match for machine quilting.
  • Remember that your Heirlooms deserve the best materials available.  
  • The use of 100% cotton materials in your quilt making is recommended. 
  • To achieve a smooth flat top, cut patchwork pieces on the straight grain where ever possible. Seams should be pressed flat.


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