Services & Pricing

The Price is subject to the size of your individual quilt and the style of quilting chosen.

  • The rates below include one matching thread colour and are based upon you supplying the wadding and backing.
  • Additional thread colours and a separate border design incur additional charges.
The quilting rates below are based on a square foot.
(To calculate the square footage – multiply width by length for total square inches. Divide Total square inches by 144 to give Total      square feet.)
Edge to Edge Continuous Quilting   from $4.50 sq ft
Your choice of pattern is edge to edge
Stippling                                              $5.50 sq ft
Freehand stippling or meandering stitch, ranging from medium to large as an all-over pattern or in specified areas
Freehand interpretive designs            $6.60 sq ft
Basic Custom Quilting                         from  $8.80 sq ft
Some motif quilting on sashings, borders and blocks and ‘in the ditch’ as well as medium size stippling to emphasis pattern
Medium density Custom Quilting       from $11 sq ft
Heirloom Custom Quilting                 from $15.00 sq ft
More detailed version of above.
Machine Basting for hand quilters    $2.50 sq ft
Subject to requirements other costs may include:
Quilt Set Up Preparation                  $25.00/quilt
Borders                                              $25.00 ea
Minimum Charge per quilt                $80.00

Additional thread colours & specialty threads are available at an extra cost. Please discuss your requirements. 


Many designs available

Wadding is also available at an extra cost. Depending on stock the following may be available:-  
  • Hobbs Heirloom Cotton 80/20 cotton/poly (as recommended by Harriet Hargreaves) 240cm (96”) wide currently priced at $21.00/metre
  • Hobbs Heirloom Cotton 80/20 cotton/poly (as recommended by Harriet Hargreaves) 3m (120″) wide currently priced at $26.00/metre
  • Hobbs Bleached 100% cotton wadding. 240cm (96″) wide currently priced at $22.00/metre. 
  • Hobbs Heirloom Cotton 80/20 cotton/poly FUSIBLE (as recommended by Harriet Hargreaves) 240cm (96”) wide currently priced at $24.00/metre
  • Hobbs Washable 100% wool 270cm (108″) wide currently priced at $36.00/metre
  • Matilda’s Own 60/40% Australian Wool/Cotton, 240cm (96″) wide, currently priced at $23.00/metre



Mail Order

If you send a photograph of your quilt and include the measurements, I can give you some choices as to quilting and approximate costs and then confirm the final quote on receipt of the quilt.

  • If you are unable to collect your finished quilt in person it will be returned by Australia Post.
  • Postage & packing charges are at cost.
  • It is recommended that it be returned to you by registered mail. ($3.80 in addition to normal parcel rates.)     
By referring to the formula you can calculate a rough estimate of costs for yourself. However keep in mind that this is an estimate only and the final cost may depend upon some of the following factors:-
  • My having to iron seams flat, square up backing &/or trim loose threads from the front & back of the top in preparation for quilting $25-00. (I will include this in a mail order quote & then waive if not required when quilt is received.)
  • Thread colour change fee for the use of more than one colour of thread $5.00
  • Specialty threads eg Metallic and variegated threads charged according to selection
  • Additional ‘picture frame’ borders $22.00
  • Piecing of backing &/or wadding $35.00/hr (minimum charge $35.00)
  • Binding of quilt – $6.60/m for me to make and attach binding for you to hand stitch.