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All-in-one starter ruler

Constantine Quilts has been designing and producing quilting rulers/templates 6mm thick to use with longarm quilting machines and domestic machines that have a high shank ruler foot since 2001.

Our ‘No Frills‘ range of rulers have been an extremely affordable choice for quilters world wide since that time.


the time has come to upgrade to beautifully laser cut and etched rulers that are MADE IN AUSTRALIA, for all quilters and their machines.

Gradually we will be introducing the upgraded rulers and these will definitely reflect with higher pricing as the manufacturing process is nearly triple in time when creating perfect etched guidelines on them.

During this time of changeover – you will be able to purchase any of the ‘No Frills’ range at a massive discount of 25% whilst stocks last. This is automatically calculated at the checkout for you. As new upgraded ones are designed and made, there will be a dropdown choice for you to choose which version you would like. This is a slow process as I have over 80 different ones to re-program and update.

Many will be created in both 3mm & 6mm thick to provide Australian Made rulers for Aussie domestic quilters with a low shank foot.

I will endeavour to get the most requested ones done first, but to assist in this I would love to hear from YOU on what your priority would be.

To kickstart the NEW & Updated Constantine Quilts rulers I am thrilled to INTRODUCE:

The All-In-One Starter Ruler


This All-in-one Starter ruler is perfect to start your ruler collection with multiple choices of quilting designs and features that will keep you very busy with only ONE ruler.

All-in-One Ruler sample
Quilting by Jenny Gibson, Vic

A straight edge for:

  • stitch in the ditch
  • crosshatching
  • outlining or straight line designs
  • 60º hanging diamonds or triangles

A convex curve that stitches the same as the concave curve on the left side for:

  • perfect pumpkin seeds
  • continuous curve with the ruler remaining on the same side as the foot

A smaller concave curve for

  • smaller continuous curves
  • assist in outlining applique motifs

Use the centre cross as a guideline to rotate any of the curves or lines around a grid to create a medallion design.

Small half circle cutout to create 1” half circles. Use with the circle bump to create 1” continuous pearls using an S curve. Guideline

s will assist you in lining them up on a centre line that can be straight or curved.

Keep an eye out for the March 2020 issue of Quilter’s Companion magazine where Michelle Marvig has taken this ruler for a spin and used it with her quilting machine. I’m hoping to see some stunning designs! 

The All-in-One Starter Ruler is Designed and MADE IN AUSTRALIA

from both 3mm & 6mm thick clear acrylic with laser etched guidelines for accuracy of placement and guidelines.

6mm thick rulers are suitable for Longarm quilting machines & domestic sewing machines that have a high shank ruler foot.

3mm thick rulers are suitable for domestic sewing machines that have a low shank ruler foot.

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