For Best Results   

  • Trim away excess threads from front & back of the quilt top before sending for quilting.
  • Label the ‘top’ edge of the quilt.
  • Pieced borders should have a line of stay stitching around the edge to prevent the seams popping open and distorting the border
  • If wadding & backing are being provided, ensure that they are cut at least 15cm larger than the top in length & width.
  • Always remove selvedges before joining backing.
  • Choose a backing fabric which has an even weave & is a cotton fabric with similar ’feel’ to the top.
  • Please note that the use of ‘sheeting’ as a backing fabric is not recommended as the weave may be too dense to allow even needle penetration.
  • Blend, rather than contrast, the colour of the backing fabric to the colours in the top to allow the best thread colour match for machine quilting.
  • Remember that your Heirlooms deserve the best materials available.  
  • The use of 100% cotton materials in your quilt making is recommended. 
  • To achieve a smooth flat top, cut patchwork pieces on the straight grain where ever possible. Seams should be pressed flat.




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