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Negative quilting space & how to use it…

Quilting negative space

Today we are seeing a much bigger focus on the quilting designs on modern quilts. What appears stunning and intricate can be broken down into simple shapes and textures placed strategically in negative spaces to bring a quilt alive.

While traditional quilting patterns often rely on symmetry and a fair amount of repetition between quilting blocks, more recent trends in modern quilting tend to showcase features like asymmetry…Quilting Negative space Judi Madsen butterfly quilt

There are a number of publications now available to both inspire you and train the eye to look for negative space opportunities in a modern fashion. Judi Madsen led the way a few years ago with her amazing ability to use simple lines, pebbles & swirls using only her A1 Quilting Ruler to create alternate framework for her simple freehand designs.

Here are just a few…

The Quilters Negative Space Handbook

Modern Quilts & More

Secondary Designs with Judi Madsen

Quilting Wide Open Spaces

Progressive Detail Quilting with Judi Madsen

Only 2 weeks until Christmas! Treat yourself or a quilting friend with some eye candy under the tree.A1 Ruler

Use coupon code xmas15 to get 15% off these titles until Christmas. Including Judi Madsen’s favourite ruler!

May you all have a wonderful, peaceful time with family and friends this festive season with all that you desire coming your way to feed your heart and soul.

Merry Christmas to all…


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