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How to finish your quilt perfectly yourself?

Free-Motion Quilting 101

In today’s ‘new normal’ (I really dislike this phrase) with the pandemic forcing us to re-evaluate what day to day life looks like, many are appreciating being able to focus on activities that we can do at home. I have certainly seen a notable increase in online shopping and definitely the number of quilts that people are making and sending to longarm machine quilters.

HOWEVER, whilst we can use up our fabric stashes and enjoy the process of piecing our quilt tops, not everyone has the same income to be able to afford to send out their quilt tops to be finished. Plus, if you are like me, I like to know that I have made my quilts from start to finish. Are you like this? There is definitely a NEED for longarm quilters – I would be out of a job if there wasn’t!  But there are many, many great resources now for domestic machine owners to learn and complete their own quilts for them to be used and loved with only the commitment of time and practise.

I’ve recently got in some copies of the following book as the style of this really appealed to me. It is easy to follow and quite conversational – like being in a class with the teacher helping out. Drawings to practice and then take to your sewing machine. It is very much focused on beginners, but with plenty of information to always learn something new even if you have a little bit of experience. I appreciate the effort put in to present the simple projects and the foundational designs that you can grow your techniques and skills. Once learned and practised you can modify and grow your own design library to branch out further with confidence.


Free-Motion Quilting 101

Quilters want to finish their quilts—and that means doing their own machine quilting. In Free-Motion Quilting 101, teacher and quilter Ashley Nickels provides in-depth instruction on learning the technique of free-motion quilting, combined with simple small projects that reinforce the technique. Quilters will have fun while learning the necessary steps to complete a quilting project.

Free-Motion Quilting 101 is divided into three parts—

  • workbook-style practice;
  • project session and
  • in-depth reference for finishing a quilt

15 foundational designs 3 simple projects and 1 larger project that is a culmination of the techniques learned in the book

Free-Motion Quilting 101 is squarely on mastering the technique on a regular home sewing machine and will be the book new quilters pick up first to learn how to free-motion quilt successfully.

This is a comprehensive guide to get you quilting successfully on your home sewing machine. Ashley Nickels teaches the basics to get setup, provides 11 simple quilting patterns that demystify the free-motion quilting process, and answer “Yes!” to the question many quilter have: “Can I quilt my quilt myself?”

With encouragement to practice, relax, and have fun, Ashley leads you step-by-step through the process and offers patterns ranging from very basic to more advanced, as well as four complete projects for you to put your newfound skills to use.


So if you are hesitating to get your beautiful quilts finished and would really like to learn to do this yourself, why not invest in your own education and gain the skills to finish them yourself on your home sewing machine.

Happy quilting


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