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Aussie made rulers – available now!

Clamshell 2n4

I’m thrilled with my new updated rulers that have recently arrived and are now available. These have been flying out the door and fresh stock has been ordered and received.

NEW – designed and made in Australia 2″ & 4″ Clamshells, has a multitude of uses! With 2 sizes available in the one ruler you can create clamshells that are 4″ as well as 2″ in diameter. These have been recently redesigned to include accurate etched guidelines to assist you in repeating the half circles perfectly! Available in both 6mm & 3mm thick to be used on either longarm or domestic machines with low shank ruler foot. High shank machines can use the 6mm thick ruler.

Use them as a frame in a border for floral designs or together to create a doubled clamshell design

Clamshell 2n4

Curved X-Hatch & perfect circles

Introducing our new & IMPROVED Curved X-hatch & perfect tiny circle ruler. This ruler now comes in 2 sizes – suitable for both high shank/longarm and low shank ruler feet. PLUS it has etched guidelines to assist you in choosing the right position when quilting. The perfect circles are all labelled with easy to read numbers as well.

Curved Cross-hatching will give your quilt a nice soft feel as opposed to the look provided by straight cross-hatching. You can apply this treatment to either a full block or as a fill in for the center of an un-quilted area.

This tool requires very little practice to become proficient and produces a neat, clean look. It’s all about the details! BONUS is the included perfect circles 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” & 1 1/2”.

Curved XHatch with perfect circles


We have been HIT with COVID 19 delays in delivering stock over this past month! But finally we have a fresh order of Bethanne NemeshWhite Arbor Quilting Rulers and books. Sadly, after filling all back orders only ONE set of Lily Lines 1 & 2 rulers are left! But more stock was ordered last week before this box even arrived, so am hoping the postal services are managing better now in delivering as quickly as they used to. Thank you to all those patient customers that have been waiting for their orders since 28th April when we ran out. Everything has been posted yesterday, so check your emails for tracking notifications from Australia Post.

We do have every ruler in stock from Bethanne right now for you to purchase (but only one each of the Lily Lines 1 & 2)

Do you love completing a quick Jelly Roll Quilt? Just for I-SEW-lation purposes, I got some in my latest order from the USA.

Check these out …

Jelly Roll Quilts & More

Jelly Roll Quilts & More

Turn those enticing fabric bundles into a baker’s dozen of fun, fast, fabulous quilts!

Love the quilts but don’t have just the right precut fabric pack? Kimberly provides alternate yardage requirements for every quilt. Beginner’s paradise!

Kimberly cleverly combines basic units to create one-of-a-kind designs that may look complex but are easy to assemble. These dynamic quilts are perfect for quilters of all skill levels and are easily adaptable for weekend projects.

As your very own personal quilting coach, Kimberly’s signature ‘Try This!’ sections offer creative ideas, design suggestions, humorous stories, anecdotes, and tasty recipes. She’ll share all sorts of fast and efficient piecing techniques guaranteed to improve your accuracy while saving you time and fabric!

Learn More…

Jelly Roll Quilts:

Jelly Roll Quilts

by Pam & Nicky Lintott

Jelly rolls are the new fat quarter bundle! They consist of 2 ½ inch strips of color-coordinated fabric, rolled up to create a solid disk and tied with a ribbon. Jelly Roll Quilts is the first book to show quilters the best ways to use these desirable, laborsaving fabric packs. The author shows how to make 15 quilts; each perfectly suited to the color-coordinated jelly rolls and includes variations in color, style and size for each project. Jelly roll quilts are suitable for quilters of all skill levels, especially those quilters with a passion for a variety of fabrics. With names like Bars of Gold and Blue Lagoon, the quilts demonstrated in Jelly Roll Quilts are on the cutting edge of the craft.

  • Turn gorgeous Jelly Rolls into fabulous quilts, each of which can be made from just one roll.
  • Features unique advice on making the most of this fresh approach to fabric, as well as tips on adapting the quilts to your existing stashes.
  • Step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams ensure that untying your beautifully rolled fabric will be the first step to quilting heaven!

Learn more…

Love Jelly Roll Quilts

Love Jelly Roll Quilts

Get the best jelly roll quilts from the UK’s most popular quilting magazines!

From the pages of Love Patchwork & Quilting and Today’s Quilter comes a collection of thirteen bright, bold quilts that feature perennially popular jelly roll strips. Strip piecing, basket weave, pinwheels, appliqué, and more—use 2 ½” precut fabric strips in unexpected ways!

Piece bed quilts, wallhangings, and more from top designers like Susan Briscoe and Jo Avery.

Learn more…

there are limited supplies of these books as not truly the focus we have here, but just sometimes we need some inspiration to quickly whip up a quilt from our lovely collections of pre-cuts JUST SO WE CAN QUILT IT!

That’s my excuse anyway

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Happy quilting…


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