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Since 2000 I have been supplying No-Frills™ Quilting Ruler templates here in Australia for use with commercial quilting machines!

I have negotiated and designed with a local business to laser cut 1/4″ acrylic into various shapes suitable for use with commercial quilting machines. 

  • All rulers are made from 1/4″ thick acrylic which is very strong and doesn’t flex.
  • All circles and ovals have a pin hole placed in the centre for ease of placement on your quilt top.
  • All rulers will be delivered with the protective brown paper still attached.
  • No lines or markings have been etched onto your rulers. This is easy to do by scoring with a sharp object in the positions that suit your individual size feet.
  • The prices of the rulers reflect the basic nature of them. No lines or instructions are included with them.

Please feel free to share tips, ideas and suggestions for other quilting rulers with me and they can be collated and posted here on a tips page for all to read and benefit from.

No responsibility or liability is taken for the performance of these rulers.

All prices are in Australian Dollars. Overseas orders by credit card payment only with postage at actual cost. 

All rulers can be purchased through the shopping cart now on each individual page! However if you prefer to print out an order form then post or fax it to me then click here for printable order form.


Australian Made Rulers

1″ & 3″ Clamshell Ruler


Australian Made Rulers

All-in-One Starter Ruler

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