The future of Computerized Quilting is here…

join the community of creative quilters by adding the Intelliquilter computer quilting system to your existing longarm quilting machine.

Another great innovation from the people that brought you IntelliStitch® and EdgeRider WheelsTM

IntelliQuilter is the new standard in computerized quilting.
After-market add-on to your existing machine. Fits most makes and models!
  • computer mounted on the machine, at your fingertips
  • touch screen controlIntelliquilter
  • driver motors engage/disengage automatically
  • easy to use, menu driven system
  • help on every screen
  • integrated graphic editing, including copy, repeat, combine, rotate, scale
  • automatic pattern fitting in blocks, including sizing rotation and flipping
  • automatic pantograph editing, including offset, interlocking, flipping and clipping at borders
  • recording function to capture hand-quilted patterns
  • paper pattern digitizing
  • “stitch in the ditch” support
  • whole quilt composition and saving
  • pattern download via USB drive
  • compatible with all models and makes

Available for:

A1 Quilting Machines HandiQuilter
Elite 923  with Stitchrite SR & Elite 923 with Platinum SR – HQ 16 on Gammill table
– Horizon 1031 – HQ 18 Avante on Prof table
American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) HQ 24 Fusion on Prof table
– Ultimate 1


– Lenni – Royal
– Dicovery – Empress
– Freedom – Princess
– Liberty – Prince
– Millennium (with or without Bliss) – Dutchess
Gammill Quilting Systems Nolting
– Premier – 18″ with or without SR
– Classic – 24″ with or without SR
– Optimum – 30″ with or without SR
– Premier Plus Prodigy
– Classic Plus Proto
– Optimum Plus Innova
any Gammill with Tadros SR or Intellistitch Bernina



BasiQ BasiQ+ ClassiQ
Prices USD $10,000
plus installation kit
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USD $11,900
plus installation kit
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USD $14,500
plus installation kit
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Tablet Size 10″ included, for 12″ add USD $500
Motors SuperMotors included, for refurbished motors, when available, deduct $600
(WYSWYG pantograph editing, continuous offset and interlocking, flipping of even rows, clipping at block boundaries)
Yes Yes Yes
Saving quilt designs Yes Yes Yes
Switch to manual mode by the touch of a button Yes Yes Yes
Help on every screen Yes Yes Yes
FREE patterns Yes
over 200
over 400
over 400
Designer pattern samples Yes Yes Yes
Geometric patterns Yes Yes Yes
Computer Art Patterns Yes Yes Yes
Block Patterns Yes Yes
Line Pattern Yes Yes
Pattern modification
(rotate, scale, move, stretch, flip, copy, combine, split, etc.)
Yes Yes
Review/Smooth Pattern) Yes Yes Yes
Paper pattern digitizing Yes Yes
Recording of your own patterns Yes Yes
Clipping block, no-sew zones Yes Yes
High level pattern editing support
(contour, echo, path pattern, fan pattern, shape shift, magnet tool, distort)
Compatibility with The StiQ Yes Yes
  • Prices include delivery (inside the continental US), installation, demonstration, training and warranty on parts and installation labor (currently without time limit). Customary travel expenses may be charged by installers.
  • As a unique service from IntelliQuilter, the prices also include one year of continuing support by a dealer, providing not only technical assistance, but quilting advice, pattern design suggestions and more.
  • Installation kits include mechanical parts that are required in order for the IntelliQuilter system to function at optimum performance on a given quilting machine. EdgeRider Wheels are required and sold as part of the installation kit for Gammill, APQS, HQ Sixteen and Innova quilting machines. EdgeRider Wheels can be purchased separately.
  • WARRANTY: The manufacturer warrants the components of the system free of any manufacturing defects, including parts and labor, as long as they are in production, except the tablet computer that carries the manufacturer’s one (1) year warranty. In addition, the installer warrants the installed system free of defects caused by the installation procedure for one (1) year. For the duration of the warranty period parts will be exchanged or repaired and installation repairs will be performed at no charge to the customer, including shipping and travel costs. Any and all defects are subject of investigation of the actual case of the malfunction to exclude defects caused by improper handling or use of the system.


Australian customers please email for a quote that will include shipping to Australia, customs fees and GST . Quotes are always subject to exchange rates on the day.

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The latest learning platform purely for Intelliquilter Training is

IQ SUMMIT – a platform with regular LIVE webinars where you can ask your questions live and receive an answer. Specific topics are covered at each session, but all questions will be answered during this time.

All sessions are available to watch FREE if you attend LIVE except for the 10 minute tutorials which are exclusive for paid members. Paid members can rewatch the entire library of content at their leisure.

The Machine Quilting Academy is a membership group that has monthly Q &A Live sessions on zoom to discuss and answer any frustrations you may have as a machine quilter on any machine or computer system. It also includes many Intelliquilter courses that have been reformatted from IQ Summit into smaller  consumable lessons. This is perfect for all level of machine quilters, especially if you are in business and want to have more support from myself and experienced peers in the industry.